Internet Technology Revolutionizing The Technical World

bt_image00_homeWorld has turned into a global village and the maximum credit goes to the internet. Internet has revolutionized the communication world. Video calls long distance chats etc. have now become one of the simplest things to use. I personally feel that really this internet and its developments can go far beyond our thoughts. In this article I would like to tell you about latest internet facilities, including alexa traffic and upcoming internet technologies of 2015.
There are many technical revolutions associated to the internet to be discussed. Let me find out some of the most interesting ones

Long distance virtual telepathy- this is really an interesting one. Two persons sitting 5000 miles apart can easily communicate without any talking or typing. Yes you may be surprised to know the way of communication. It’s a direct brain to brain communication via the internet. Its development will really revolutionize the way of communication. Brain activities are injected into the receiver’s end and the input end also recognizes the brain impulses. These are then converted into binary codes and sent via the internet. Internet linked electroencephalogram and robotics software are responsible for this. In 2015 scientists are looking forward to develop this technology further and use it as a suitable way of communication. Direct transmission of thoughts requires security over the net as well as good amount of accuracy is also needed and scientists are working upon that.

Some of the great ways that we can now use the internet is via consumer shopping. Things like exercise equipment and health products can be purchased easily. Things such as an air walker exercise machine and cross trainer can be found and delivered straight to your door.

Rise of heavy data traffic- it is assumed that within 2015 streaming live HD and 3d videos will increase many folds. The present internet technology is not at all designed to meet these needs and as such the internet technology will obviously get updated to meet this extra demand.
Quantum computing will rule out cloud computing. A quadrillion meaning the computer processing at the rate of 10 to the power 15 will prevail. This can really create a headache for the service providers if not carefully handled. What I personally feel is that these service providers will now need to switch into application based service providing systems. With the increase of wireless connections service providers need to switch into these technologies.

Moreover a speed of 100 Mbps will become a reality for internet users. As I gave a broad discussion let’s now try to summarize the main technical changes which can be done using internet in 2015.
 Quantum computing will be the major change occurring and this will really revolutionize computing speed with heavy increase in net surfing speeds.
 Online shopping will capture the shopping market with increase in internet facilities and security
 Internet technology will also revolutionize the educational field. Virtual classrooms will become a common medium of education. Quality education can easily be obtained from anywhere in the world.
 Wi-Fi cities will really become a common for many megacities. Every person in the city can access to free Wi-Fi and stay connected on the net.
 Video streaming on the net will give rise to heavy traffic jams. According to statistics by youtube around 60 hours of video are uploaded per minute and this rate will obviously increase with the demand.
 Online jobs will create heavy employment opportunities. Businesses on the net will increase many folds.
 The world of robotics will be revolutionized with internet technology updating.
 Touch free technology with long distance virtual telepathy can revolutionize the field of communication.
So be ready for a world connected throughout with high speed internet. Latest gadgets are to come to suit this internet world. Every field of human life will be affected by the latest internet technologies of 2015.

Information Technology Users In US In 2015:

According to a research done in January 2014, Gen Y’s of the US comprises almost a quarter of the total population in US, and which are evenly split between females and males. Less than 6 in 10 are Caucasian. Aside from children aged fewer than 18, Gen Y’s are the racially and most ethnically diverse generation in the US history. Virtually all the members of this age group are participating in online activities like newsgroup, forums, blogs, etc., and most of them are basically social networking users. Gen Y’s are hence ahead of the curve during this year by almost any digital metric, like mobile internet usage, online video viewing, location-based services, and mobile commerce. Given below is the list of all the key members of users aged between 18 and 34, for using various sections of Internet technology in the last year.

Key numbers of the US consumers aged between 18 and 34:

- Social networking users: 86 % of the internet users in the year 2011 / 89 % by 2015
- Internet technology users: 91 % of population in the year 2011 / 94 % by 2015
- Internet technology users in mobile: 62 % of mobile phone users by the year 2011 / 76 % by 2015
- Online video viewers: 84 % of internet users in the year 2011 / 90 % by 2015
During the research of the remaining population it shows that Gen X and the early boomers are increasing the use of tablets like I Pads to access the Internet and are also the adoption rate of integrating the mobile web browsing is a slight slower than the Gen Y’s.

Ways to use internet technology to increase connections and also participation in meetings:

Hence given below are the 4 ways in which people can use tools like IPhone, Blackberry or Android to text, email, browse the web and do instant messaging:
1. Build your own social network hub as proprietor either through Facebook or you may also use a service like I-Meet for connecting with others.
2. You can also create an app for your meeting containing a game component in your smart phone, like a meeting planner.
3. You may request your speakers for using internet technology to increase the participation in their sessions.
4. You can also create a contest for the participants in the meeting for capturing their best photos of the activities being performed during the conference. They will then message the photo to a certain text number which can then be uploaded and shared at the end of the conference. A prize can hence be given to the best photos.

Internet Technology- Revolutionizing Educational Process

Internet- one of the most innovative inventions of mankind has turned world into a global village. It has its contributions in every field of human life. Starting from communication, education, social networking to data transfers it has its contribution everywhere. As technology is increasing the use of internet and its up gradation has grown demands. Here in this article I am going to discuss how the internet technology in 2015 can help educational purposes.

Education is not only for school or college students. It means imparting knowledge to anyone. It includes school courses to professional and also the various trainings. It can also be regarded as a process of sharing knowledge. Basically this category falls into the development of communication process by the internet. It’s not at all possible to avail quality education around every corner of the world. This distance gap between a developed city and a remote village can easily be managed using the internet.
Suppose you cannot go to a place to get quality education for some reasons. Then internet can be used to have virtual classrooms in your area. In these virtual classrooms you can easily have live and interactive classes from your required destination. For coaching purposes this system is extremely useful. The expert teachers can teach students all over India by just sitting in a room. 3d transformation lectures also help in the same way. Moreover with the evolution of quantum computing the process of surfing the net has been revolutionized with high speeds. In 2015 you can easily see live lectures or download recorded lectures at high speeds.

Spreading lecture notes over the net has also made quality notes easily available. What’s special in 2015 is that many cities will provide free Wi-Fi access to all its residents. So anybody can easily avail the net using their laptops or smartphones. Moreover various trainings by companies can also be done using this latest internet technology. Various animated videos can also be easily downloaded to have clear picture of the concepts. Live tests using live cams will also get huge popularity. The technical development in internet aims at developing the transfer of 3d lectures easily all around the world. The high rise in the use of net will surely benefit students around the world.
So internet technology with high speeds can really benefit students by reducing the gap between their city and the quality of education the need.